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Email Bank, the most reliable message archiving service there is

If your business needs the most dependable and professional email archiving service, you just found it. As safe as cash in a major bank, your email messages can be easily and rapidly retrieved in the most secure manner.

Developed by the experienced email professionals at SureMail, Email Bank TM is today's most dependable and easy-to-use e-mail search and archiving service available. What's more there's no software to download or install since it's an online service. All you need is a user ID and password on the Email Bank platform.

Here are some of the most common questions we get about our Email Bank service:

1- What are the advantages of using the Email Bank service?

Email Bank (tm) is a powerful, secure and scalable service offering users full control of several years of email messages. Email Bank is a proven technology that was designed from the gound up to be used by businesses of all sizes.

Its deduplication capabilities allow organizations to fully control the cost of e-mail storage. Its powerful search functions within attachments adds flexibility and saves users a lot of time.

2- How can Email Bank help my company?

Email Bank works with all standard email servers and can migrate current archives to it with ease and flexibility. The system easily keeps up with high insertion rates.

What's more, Email Bank allows for full compliance with regulatory requirements, a must-have feature for publicly-traded companies and Fortune 500 firms. Our service has an easy to use web-based interface for retrieving all emails on any corporate server.

Deduplication will save the organization time and money by the greatly reduced need for storage acquisition. Additionally, there's a self service available for retrieving deleted messages that will reduce the cost of system administrators recovering lost or accidently-deleted messages.

3- How easy and secure is it to deploy Email Bank?

Email Bank is reasonably-priced based on the popular IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) method for any size business. We'll be happy to provide you our competitive pricing grid.

What's more, Email Bank is fully protected by state-of-the-art hardware firewalls from Cisco, the industry leader when it comes to corporate security on the internet.

4- For what specific companies was Email Bank designed for?

Email Bank was designed for publicly-traded companies and Fortune 500 firms, although medium and small businesses can use it as well, along with all the same features and benefits.

If the retention, archiving and searching functions of all your email messages is important to you, then Email Bank is for you.

5- What are some of the values in using your Email Bank archiving service?

Message archiving and full compliance requirements to all emails in the corporate segment is a must today. Email Bank fits into these needs at a low entry point. Email Bank helps organizations mitigate the various risks or inability to comply with legal, court and regulation requirements in a timely fashion.

Email Bank helps organizations of all sizes create strict policies for archiving corporate messages and be able to demonstrate full compliance, along with complete audit trails.

Our Email Bank (tm) message archiving service will be available near the end of December 2016. Send all your questions to:

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