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Redundant eMail Servers Provide Insurance

How many times has somebody asked you: "Did you get my email?" You look in your inbox and can't find it anywhere. Your contact resends the email a second time and it finally arrives in your computer or laptop. Does that sound familiar to you?

Lost emails seem to be on the increase lately. There are many reasons why they didn't make it in your inbox:

  • Down servers
  • Network outage
  • Overloaded servers
  • Overloaded network
  • Defective routers
  • Misconfigured routers
  • Power failure
  • Network error
  • DNS issues
  • Internet propagation issues
  • Human error
  • Configuration errors, etc.

    In our quest to offer the most reliable and scalable email service available today, we've built our network using redundant mail servers in all our data centers.

    Here's how our email network operates: if one of our mail servers goes down momentarily for any reason, all mail traffic to that server will automatically be redirected towards other servers, either in the same data center or another one. This is completely transparent and unnoticeable to our users. The whole system is called Redundant eMail Servers and is one of the major reasons SureMail™ is so reliable under any adverse conditions.

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