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How to Setup Sure Mail

Important note: If you purchased any Corporate package of Sure Mail™ your setup instructions are very different from the ones shown on this page, so please click here to setup Sure Mail Corporate™.

Sure Mail™ Regular Setup

Sure Mail™ comes in the version for our U.S. users as well as in the format for Canadian residents. All you need to correctly setup your Sure Mail is to click on the corresponding domain extension for the country in which you reside.

I live in the U.S. and I need the setup instructions.

I live in Canada and I need the setup instructions.

If you have any difficulty in setting up your new email address (or addresses) please contact us and a tech support representative will gladly assist you. We want you to be happy with Sure Mail™ and if you follow the few setup instructions on this page you should be 'up and running' in no time.

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