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Sure Mail™ Homepage
Our homepage is where it all starts. Our site is designed in a way that should help you order rapidly the Sure Mail™ plan that will suit your needs best.

Sure Mail™ Spam Filter
SureMail™'s Spam Filter is one of our most important feature we've implemented in our email service and is right at the heart of Sure Mail™ and is one of its driving components that truly distinguishes our product from the competition. Today, email spam accounts for about 55 percent of all global email traffic and continues to grow at an alarming rate. The spam filter used in SureMail™ represents years in expensive R&D but is proving to be the best spam filter there is on the market today. Both our spam filter and virus filter are installed on our email servers, so there's no complicated software to download or install for any of our clients. To the user, Sure Mail™ is completely transparent.

Sure Mail™ Virus Filter
The virus filter used in SureMail™ is one of the strongest virus filters there is in existence today. It downloads known and newer Internet viruses' signatures twice a day and applies them to its database of more than 325,000 known viruses that can seriously risk or damage corporate data or computer networks. Both our spam filter and virus filter are installed on our email servers, so there's no complicated software to download or install for any of our clients. To the user, Sure Mail™ is completely transparent.

Order Sure Mail™ Today
This is the secure page where you can order any of our 22 different plans currently available. We are confident you will find the plan that is appropriate for your specific needs. Remember that if you can't find the specific SureMail™ package for your needs, we can tailor one just for you. We use PayPal for all our secure order processing needs.

How SureMail™ Works
Familiarize yourself on how reliable and stable our email service is and the many reasons why. Find out all the many important elements why we say it's the most dependable email service there is, yet it's also the most simple to use.

SureMail™ Frequently Asked Questions
You've asked for it and we've made this FAQ section available! Our FAQ page is a list of some of the most recurring questions we get all the time. Chances are you will find the answer to your question there. If you don't, please contact us today and we will rapidly answer your query or question. Or you may want to try to post a question, comment, enquiry or simply ask any other question in the Sure Mail™ Help Forum. Our Help Forum is open to anybody, whether you are currently a SureMail™ user or not, and is absolutely free to use for everybody.

Read what our users say about Sure Mail™
How else will you ever know how dependable Sure Mail™ truly is unless you've tried it yourself? Our testimonials page is filled with current customers that have been using SureMail™ for at least a year. You can contact any of them and ask them any pertinent question about our email service, the quality and responsiveness of our tech support, etc. We also strongly suggest that you try our free 14-day trial under no obligation! Trying SureMail™ is adopting it!

Find out about the two companies behind SureMail™
SureMail™ is the brain child and a long-planned idea of two great companies that have a vast experience in the field of email hosting and reliable Internet services for businesses, government and non-profit organizations. Find out more on who is backing Sure Mail™ and what makes it such a great service.

Contact Sure Mail™
Contacting us is always easy. The best and fastest method of contacting us is by email. Or you can always call us using our toll-free 1-800 number. It's a toll free number from within all of the Continental United States and in all ten Canadian provinces.

Learn about Sure Mail™'s Data Centers
Our email service is only as reliable as our data centers. Over the last seven years, we've invested large amounts to build our data centers to where they stand now. Combining the latest in modern technology, our data centers are the envy of our competition. Find out why.

SureMail™ Redundant Mail Servers
The risk of having just one single email server is that if it goes down for any reason, you will loose ALL your emails that are in transit! That's the reason why we own and manage multiple email servers spread in many data centers all over the U.S. and Canada. Find out more about our redundant mail network.

Sure Mail™ setup information
Our email service is one of the simplest and easiest to setup. On this page you will find the simple step-by-step instructions to get your Sure Mail™ going without any hassles.

Sure Mail™ Plesk Control Panel Our control panel is the simplest and easiest to use. Once you've created your first email address using Plesk, you won't ever want to use anything else.

Sure Mail™ Corporate Setup Information If you acquired any of our SureMail Corporate™ Plans, your setup information is very different than from our most basic service. This is the setup page you will be using instead.

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