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Client Testimonial: eBusiness News, Topeka, KS.

We weren't getting all our emails from our previous Web hosting company, even after we made several complaints to them. Fed up of wasting time on the whole thing, I decided to investigate other alternatives.

A co-worker told me about Sure Mail™'s efficient e-mail outsourcing service and I decided to visit their site and sign up for the 14-day free trial. After having tried it for about a week, I knew it filled all our requirements.

And I also like the SureMail™ auto-responder feature. In the past, there were times when we weren't able to respond to our emails until the next business day. At least now with the autoresponder feature our users get an automated aknowledgement email telling them we received their message and that we will respond to them as soon as possible.

I also appreciate SureMail™ stronger virus killer. At our previous email provider we had a lot more viruses that somehow ended up in our inbox. For me, Sure Mail™ works and I don't have any problem recommending the service to any organization that requires a reliable and safe email system that is very reasonably priced.

I'm fully convinced and my only regret is that I didn't discover Sure Mail™ earlier! Soon we will need another and unrelated domain name for another project and the only email service that we are considering is SureMail™ since we already know that it works seamlessly and every day!

John G. Campbell,
eBusiness News
No. 5 Townsite Plaza,
Suite 140,
120 SE 6th Ave.,
Topeka, KS. 66603

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