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Client Testimonial: Parental Alienation Forum, Anaheim, CA.

For me, the word "free" can sometimes mean "not always of good quality". I know this isn't always the case but it was for us. Our free email provider was unreachable about 4 to 8 hours a week. Their mail servers were going down regularly for no apparent reason.

We are a non-profit help forum that assists parents that are afflicted with the Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) that affects so many parents today. Our forum simply offers help and guidance to people that need coaching of their kids or advice to help them better deal with the painful subjects of separation, divorce, child custody battles or similar relevant matters. Our only method of contact is thru email via the use of our foum.

So the integrity and reliability of a dependable email system for us is paramount. After having tried a second so-called free email service, we decided to sign-up with SureMail™ and we never looked back since. It's a reliable solution to any organization that requires an email service that works all the time and under any conditions.

Apart from our forum, we also have two other but unrelated domain names that are also making full use of the Sure Mail™ solution and that we are equally as happy with the unparalled service.

Thank you SureMail™.

John A. McConnell,
Senior admin,
Parental Alienation Forum
1220 Ball Rd.
Anaheim, CA. 92805

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