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We conduct 85% of our business with email alone

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Client Testimonial: Internet Security Works Ltd., Calgary, AB.

Being in the IT field ourselves helps us better understand the importance of a reliable service that works under even the most adverse conditions.

We are an Internet security company that offers customized firewalls and proxy servers to the Internet business community. We fully realize how important email security is to small and medium-size companies. About 18 months ago when we started noticing the more frequent appearance of newly-produced Internet viruses we knew we had to fully re-evaluate and upgrade our current email system.

Additionally, we currently rely on our email system for about 85 percent of all outside communications with our clients, suppliers and partners. Failure is NOT an option for us and our email system has to work all the time and without any chances of a breakdown. This is why SureMail™'s high-capacity servers and redundant email network is so vital to us and is one of the many major features we decided to adopt Sure Mail™'s solution over similarly-priced solutions.

We are very happy with our email installation and don't expect to make any changes anytime soon. For us, Sure Mail™ does the job every time and we've now started to recommend the service to our own clients. Why would we ever consider another service when this one works fine!

Jonathan Stewart,
V.P., R&D Dept.,
Internet Security Works Ltd.
1726 Westmount Blvd. NW
Calgary, AB. T2P 2M7

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