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Emails simply weren't coming through to us

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Client Testimonial: Health & Safety Assoc., Albany, OR.

When my president barged into my office one day and started pounding on my desk telling me we had a big problem I knew it was serious and that I needed to find a solution fast. We are a non-profit organization and she was told by many in the office that emails weren't coming through for many of our users. We had been at the same hosting provider for the past 2 years without any problem that I was aware of. But recently they had changed servers and that's when all the problems started.

Obviously, there were issues with their new setup. The same day I started looking for a replacement provider. I looked at a few companies but decided to give SureMail™ a chance since they we offering us a free 14-day trial period which I thought was a good deal. In the 14-day period we didn't get one single complaint and, as an added bonus we noticed that our spam levels were down significantly. There used to be days when some of our users would get more than 200 spam emails. Those users now tell me they get less than 30 a day, which is a nice improvement.

As compared to what we had before I also prefer Sure Mail™'s control panel a lot better too. It's somewhat cleaner and a lot simpler to use. We have volunteer workers here that don't have any basic IT or Internet-related skills and they are able to create new email addresses or modify user passwords on their own which is a big help to me! With the old control panel I had to do it for them.

So we decided to switch providers and we never looked back since. Now my president (and me) can go back doing the things that are really part of our jobs! Thank you SureMail™ for a very reliable and fool-proof email service that works!

Mario R. Bellinini,
IT manager,
Health & Safety Assoc.
3800 Knox Rd. Butte
Albany, OR. 97321-6514

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