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Client Testimonial: Link, Jacksonville, FL.

At first I believed that all email services are the same and that all electronic mail providers basically offer the same bare-bones services to all their clients. That was until I discovered Sure Mail™.

My previous e-mail system provider kept having scalability problems on a recurring basis and we were losing important and valuable emails. For us, it was clear we had to rapidly find another solution that would be more reliable and that we could depend on for the more than 1,000 emails we get here on any given day.

We are a leading link leasing broker because of our ability to help customers purchase or sell links and provide requests for quotes within a short time frame. Since close to 100 percent of our sales are conducted by email communications, reliable email service is vital to the growth and sustainability of our company.

Sure Mail™ is the most reliable e-mail outsourcing service I've ever experienced and is packed with standard features that we were individually billed for in the past. Another reason why we adopted the SureMail™ system is their foolproof spam killer system. At our previous provider there are days where we would get more than 500 spam emails a day. Since we've been with SureMail™ the most we've experienced so far is about 30 a day!

I'm a happy user and recommend this email solution to any company and to our own clients.

Mark G. Rosenstein,
Senior links manager,
601 Riverside, Suite 120,
Jacksonville, FL. 32092

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