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We finally got our spam levels down a lot!

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Client Testimonial: Manhattan Cookies, Manhattan, N.Y.

We were relatively happy at our previous email provider, but over a period of time most of our in-boxes received so much spam emails we had to look for a better solution. I was a bit worried at first of the thought of switching email providers since we didn't want to loose any emails.

So what I did was, instead of switching anything over, I simply signed up for the free 14-day trial and we ran some rather extensive testing here. To put it bluntly, we placed the Sure Mail™ system thru some vigorous testing against spam. We had tried two other similar services before but didn't get satisfactory results.

We wanted to be certain that their spam filter was better at killing spam than what we had seen in our two previous tests. I'm happy to say that Sure Mail™ was delivering us all our real emails, and that our overall spam levels were reduced to a level where it was manageable.

I know (and reluctantly accept) that spam will always be a problem and that we may never be able to fully eliminate it completely, but if we get 80 percent less than what we had before, it's certainly satisfactory for us. In the end, we are really very happy with the service we are getting from SureMail™ and we don't have any problem recommending their services to anyone that depends on a reliable email hosting solution.

Monica Hall,
Marketing v.p.,
Manhattan Cookies, Inc.
223 Park Ave. South,
New York, N.Y. 10003

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