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SureMail is a great solution for backing up emails

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Client Testimonial: Tech Blog, Camden, N.J.

When our IT department manager told me there was a way to configure mail servers in a way that if one goes down another one can take charge, I immediately went online to try to find such a provider that could accomodate us with this. I was told by at least 2 other providers that this was either impossible to do or for some reason they would not allow this on their system. Then I discovered SureMail™ and I noticed that their default email solution already takes into account backup mail servers! The more I read of their simple email solution, the more I liked what I was seeing.

At our previous email service provider, there isn't a week that went by where we wouldn't lose at least one or two emails. Our vital link between all our advertising partners and our staff located in 15 different countries is by email and this from the first day we went into business. We simply can't afford to loose even just one single email. We've been with Sure Mail™ for about 4 years and I must honestly say we are really happy with the fast tech support they provide us, and especially the high reliability of their email servers.

Two other great features that also made us decide to go with SureMail™ was their very effective spam filter and the way their virus filter always seem to catch the "bad guys" trying to infiltrate our network. SureMail™'s neat control panel is a great feature also. Our previous email provider didn't have anything like that either.

I'm not sure how they can provide such a great service to their customers and charge so little for it. I guess they simply rely on word-of-mouth advertising! Here's a tip of the hat, SureMail™ and keep up the great work you guys are doing!

Rick Andover,
Advertising manager,
Tech Blog
1603 S. Broadway
Camden, N.J.

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