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All our previous email headaches are gone!

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Client Testimonial: B2B News, Dallas, TX.

Before we adopted SureMail™ we were using a 'free' email service. Experience has taught us that free doesn't always mean trouble-free! Reliability is mandatory for us.

Our 'free' email solution ended up costing us new business, not to mention frustrated customers. When our email provider had a major network outage that lasted seven long hours in the summer of 2005, we knew we had to do something about it and fast! On top of not being able to communicate with our clients via email, the outage also caused us to loose many important emails, not to mention a great loss of productivity.

We run a B2B news portal where we get thousands of people that visit our site everyday. More and more, our reporters rely on email communications for their articles. What's more, what better way is there to send photos than email? Our business is international and we have customers in more than 30 countries. Email is a lot more economical that international phone calls, plus it leaves an 'electronic trail' which is impossible to achieve with phone calls.

After having tried the 14-day free trial, we knew their solution was exactly what we were looking for. What I really appreciate the most about SureMail™ is their knowledgeable and friendly tech support. They're always there to help us. They understand how email is important and I can honestly say that we didn't lose one email since we've been with them. Also, our junk mail and Internet viruses have dropped considerably since we joined the service more than a year ago, this despite reports that say spam emails are growing everyday.

Thank YOU Sure Mail™ for a job well done!

Robert Chavez,
B2B News
1715 North Harwood,
Dallas, TX. 75201

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