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Client Testimonial: Bakersfield Industries Ltd., Toronto, ON.

All email providers aren't created equal and I have first-hand experience that proves it. For about three years our email provider was our ISP (name withheld). At the time we only had five email addresses and I was under the belief that it was normal for us to loose emails every now and then. I also thought it was normal to get 300 junk mails a day, along with all kinds of nasty viruses.

One day I was having lunch with a friend that happens to be a current user of SureMail™ and he told me flat out that it wasn't normal! He told me to try out Sure Mail™ for 14 days and if I didn't like it to stay at my ISP. In less than four days, I was hooked on SureMail™ and for all the right reasons: our spam went down considerably and we had almost no viruses. But the part I liked even more is that we didn't lose a single email during those four days!

I finished the 14-day trial just the same, but I was already convinced that SureMail™ was exactly what the doctor ordered. Also, one day I had to email their tech support for a question. I was really surprised to see how fast they responded to my email with a very clear answer to my question. That's when I found out that they even have redundant mail servers in case the one that happens to catch our emails goes down. I was even more impressed! My ISP only had one single mail server for all their customers... No wonder we were losing some every now and then when the server went down.

For all these reasons (and more) I would strongly recommend SureMail™ to anybody that needs reliable and trouble-free email service for their business! I'm a happy camper now, thanks to my friend that recommended me to switch providers.

Stewart Harland,
Chief Executive Officer,
Bakersfield Industries Ltd.
69 Yonge St., Suite 440,
Toronto, ON. M5E 1K3

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