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The Hassle-Free eMail Service

Please note that due to excessive email abuse usage in the past, we have permanently disabled our 14-day free trial.

Some people were actually using our free 14-day trial period to actually try to spam others with useless eMail spam messages, or to try to sell Viagra, deliver Trojan viruses to others, etc. That put undue strain on our mail servers and part of our network and fully violated our Terms of Service.

There was even one case where a 14-day trial period was offered to an individual that had sent no less than 200,000 spam emails in just a single day! Those messages were sent less than two hours after his 14-day trial was setup! Later that day, we closed his account.

In other cases we were subjected to, we found some users would sign up for a trial account under an assumed name and he or she would use that account for the full 14-day period to send spam and unwanted junk mail.

After the trial period was over, instead of paying for a permanent account (as 98 percent of our users do), he or she would have it expire only to sign up the same day under another assumed name and repeat the process over and over for many months at a time!

As a result of all this abuse, we had no other choice but to disable the trial period for good.

Our 30-day satisfaction or money back guarantee STILL APPLIES

Please note that we have a full and unconditional 30-day satisfaction guarantee or your money back policy that's actually even better than a trial period.

If, for any reason you find that SureMail™ isn't what you expected or if it dosen't live up to your needs, you can cancel at any time and receive a full refund for up to 30 days after you've signed up for our service. (1)

(1) If a user violated any of our Terms of Service that user is excluded from any refund.

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