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Setting up Sure Mail Corporate

Congratulations on choosing Sure Mail Corporate™ for all your business email needs.

Congratulations on choosing Sure Mail Corporate™ for all your business email needs. Setting up your mail addresses with our control panel is easy and won't take you more than a minute or two for each email address.

Step 1:
Setting up Sure Mail™

First, print out a copy of the original Word document file we sent you when you first signed up for Sure Mail Corporate™. Then, copy and paste the login URL that begins with https:// and drop it into your favorite browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla's Firefox. We recommend that you save that URL in your browser's favorites since you might need it in the future.

Next, type in your login User ID and password that we supplied you. If all is ok, you will then see your SureMail™ login page.

Please note that User IDs and passwords are always case-sensitive and they cannot be copied and pasted. They have to be typed individually in the appropriate place of the login box on our control panel.

Now you can begin to create your first email address. Then simply follow the simple instructions on the screen. If you have any questions, simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Step 2:
Setting up Apple Mail, Outlook or Thunderbird

After you've created your email addresses in our control panel, you will then need to setup the same addresses or any group of email addresses on your email client. Our reliable mail service is designed to work on any standard and compatible email client or email program such as Apple Mail, Microsoft's Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla's Thunderbird, Eudora or any similar software that uses the standard POP3 Internet protocol.

Just remember that your User ID is always your whole email address ( In any email client program, the POP3 (Incoming Mail Server) information you must enter always is

Then, the SMTP information (Outgoing Mail Server) is the current SMTP information that should already be listed in your email client, in which case there is nothing to change. If you don't have that information currently available, or if you're not sure if it's the correct one, simply contact your current Internet Service Provider (ISP) or visit their website.

Please note that SureMail™ also owns and manages its own SMTP servers, but they are offered only on a subscription basis.

Finally, our servers require authentication, so make certain you have that checkbox okay'ed in Outlook or Outlook Express, since it is necessary and your email address (or addresses) won't operate without the correct information in that box.

However, don't check the box where it says 'Secure Authentication'. Secure authentication isn't supported by our servers, but regular authentication is.

Using your new email address on the road or with a laptop

If you wish to be able to send and receive emails from the road (using a laptop) or if you need something simpler than having to configure Outlook, we recommend you use our simple and free email interface called Horde™. To access it, simply copy and paste this URL in your Internet browser:

All you need to do to use Horde is to type your user ID and your email password to access the email address you need. Horde is a browser-based email application that is very similar in look and feel as Hotmail, Gmail, MSN Mail or Yahoo Mail, and can be accessed anywhere there is an Internet connection, either a dialup modem connection or high-speed cable or DSL connection.

If you have any difficulty in setting up your new email address (or addresses) please contact us and a tech support representative will gladly assist you. We want you to be happy with Sure Mail™ and if you follow the few setup instructions on this page you should be 'up and running' in no time.

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