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We're not getting any viruses anymore!

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Client Testimonial: Genstar, New York, NY.

On any given day, we were getting a large number of computer viruses all the time. Some were nasty enough to have brought down our whole LAN at least twice in the same month. As is usually the case, they were all coming from infected email attachments.

Just about everybody knows better than to click on email attachments sent from souces or people that we don't know, but this didn't prevent some of our employees from doing it just the same. That's when our IT manager started to look for alternatives. We tried SureMail™'s free 14-day trial and that convinced us since we didn't get any viruses during that trial period.

As an added bonus, we were pleasently surprised to learn that our overall spam levels had dropped also. Before switching over to SureMail™ we were getting anywhere from 500 to over 1,000 spam emails a day. Now we are down to about 50 a day, so for us this is great. We had read of SureMail™'s spam filter but didn't realize it was as good as SureMail™ said it was. We are happy now of the fact that we've fully stopped all email viruses from entering our corporate network, and we've managed to reduce spam by over 90 percent at the same time! Way to go!

Diana K. Battelle,
Business development manager,
Genstar LLP.
600 Ave. of The Americas,
Suite 300,
New York, NY.

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